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My name is Pascal Sangl and I am professional dancer, choreographer and creative producer. I was born and raised in Southern Germany, where I went to school and participated in numerous community events that involved dancing.

The idea to become a professional dancer formed only after my high school graduation, at age 19. I joined the local dance school in order to get basic technique training so I could audition for dance academies. From 2012 - 2016 I studied Modern Theatre Dance (MTD) at the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance (AHK).




I gather a lot of my inspiration by observing the people in my close environment. The initial reason for me to start dancing was socially motivated, in German folk dancing. Alongside, I was working alternately in a senior's residence and an elementary school. People in general will always be my number one source of inspiration. But since these are hard to point out, I will give you a more refined insight of my taste on the list below. These are some outstanding works from multiple cultural sources, that appeal to me in one way or another. My deepest respect to the creators of these, to me, highly inspiring pieces of art:



Puz/zle (Eastman, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui)

Nelken (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch)

Kiss & Cry (Charleroi Danses, Michele De Mey)

Frida Kahlo (Dominique Dumais)

Mono (Itamar Serussi Sahar)

Hieronymus B. (Nanine Linning)

Parkin'son (Giulio d'Anna)

Translating Lola (Margo van de Linde)



Tristan's Ascension (Bill Viola)

Deep Blue (Andy Byatt)



The Deep: Leben in der Tiefsee (Claire Nouvian)

The Velvet Rage (Alan Downs)

The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)

Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert)



Antarctica (Zaria Forman) 



Room With A View (Tina Dico)

Awake My Soul (Mumford&Sons)

This Binary Universe (BT)

Miss You (Trentemoller)

Tod und das Mädchen (Franz Schubert)

Symphony No. 9 (Antonin Dvorak)



Memoirs of a Geisha (Rob Marshall)

Howl's Moving Castle (Hayao Miyazaki)

Inception (Christopher Nolan)

Avatar (James Cameron)

A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Brad Silberling)

Little Miss Sunshine (Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris)

Blood Diamond (Edward Zwick)

Still Alice (Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland)

Whale Rider (Niki Caro)

The Intouchables (Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano)

Reservoir Dogs, Inglourious Basterds,

The Hateful Eight, Kill Bill (Quentin Tarantino)

Ex Machina (Alex Garland)





'Cause sometimes it's nicer to know what other people think about a person. 



Jesus de Vega Gomez



"Pascal is at that very exciting stage of his career where the puzzle of his talent starts forming a clearer image; with a beautiful natural movement quality.

On a personal level he is a pleasure to work with due to his wit and kind nature."

Sarah Soethoudt

[fellow dancer]


"Pascal is a mover who can take you into another world.

He is very good to collaborate with, even though he might not always give one the easy way. What is striking in him as a performer is his presence; his natural way of being on stage is a pleasure to watch." 


Zeynep Gündüz

[dance historian]


"Pascal is very mature in his personality.

He is connective, communicative and collaborative ."

Grainne Delaney

[drama teacher]


"I found [his] Director's eye invaluable in the final stages of rehearsal."