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Pascal Sangl / © Jürgen Thomas Photography
Pascal Sangl is an alumni of the Amsterdam University of the Arts and works as a freelance dance artist & cultural educator inter:nationally from his homebase in Stuttgart, Germany.
He is deputy chairman of TanzSzene Baden-Württemberg e.V.

scholarships & grants:

• scholarship student of certificate program „Künstlerische Interventionen in der Kulturellen Bildung“ at Hildesheim university / Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel.
• DIS-TANZEN scholarship for the development of local work infrastructure. Granted by the appointees of the German government for culture and media in the program NEUSTART KULTUR, supporting program DIS-TANZEN by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.
• scholarship for the development of the own artistic practise granted by the ministry of science, research and art Baden-Württemberg.
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choreografic works

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• artistic craft:
Sangl's artistic works are often an interdisciplinary mixture of dance, video & costume design. He lays a strong focus on spatial and choreographic composition. His dancers are always co-creators of the movement material.
• artistic interests:
• use of digital tools • societal issues• low-threshold audience participation • creation of atmospheres poetic imagery • cinematic perspectives • deep sea & outer space
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education & mediation

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• contemporary dance training & workshops:
Sangl has taught in over 20 international dance and education institutions for non-dancers, students and professionals in countries such as Germany, China and the Netherlands.
• cultural education & mediation:
As a guest teacher in his fourth year Sangl has been working with the students at International School of Stuttgart. Next to that he often teaches dance improvisation classes to adults and seniors in the region of Stuttgart.
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THU, 17. November | school performance


As part of the UNIKATE Festival by Theater am Torbogen / in collaboration with Eugen-Bolz-Gymnasium
@Theater am Torbogen I Rottenburg

Blühende Landschaften

Sat, 10. Dezember | 8 PM

The seniors dance theater Zartbitter presents its' work based on a movement research of moving with flowers and plants as costumes during the 40th anniversary of TTW Ludwigsburg
@Odeon I Göppingen


Jugend-Tanz-Netz Ehingen -

Contemporary dance for everyone!


has taken place in March & April 2022. 

A cooperation project between dance teachers, a youth Center and the VHS Ehingen (Donau). Funded by Chance Tanz aspart of the program KULUTR MACHT STARK.
@Jugendzentrum E.GO, Ehingen (Donau)

Spiel mit mir! - a workshop format by LKJ BW


has taken place in May 2022. 

A project by Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung Baden-Württemberg e.V. for students in reaction to pandemic & lockdowns
@Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung, Stuttgart


Currently no further workshops planned. 




new creation by Pascal Sangl
in collaboration with @BLOMST! gUG / Nina Kurzeja

Pascal Sangl is currently developing his new creation "GAME ON", a dance piece about the famous video game characters of SuperMario & co. This piece is part of a bigger mediation program with the schools of Schulzentrum Dachgrub in Gaggenau. Funded by NPN-Stepping Out.
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Interventionen II 

new performance location / site-specific festival
hosted by @Freien Tanz- und Theaterszene Stuttgart
i.a. with Pascal Sangl's piece "The Explorer:s"

"The Explorer:s" dares to venture into the unknown in order to discover new perspectives. An interdisciplinary performance of dance, video and music slows down our perception and invites us to an exceptional underground atmosphere. This side-specific piece was made for the historic water reservoir Stuttgart.
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Über die Dinge XL

outreach program a collaboration between @contweedancecollective, Pascal Sangl and Stadt Ehingen

"Über die Dinge" is dance duet for Laura Saumweber and Paula Niehoff. Citizens of Stadt Ehingen were invited to first see and later become part of the this piece. In a collaborative process between professional dance artists and dance-interested people the new version "Über die Dinge XL" has been developed and presented in the city's local Lindenhalle.
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Senior Dance Theater

online training and creation by Pascal Sangl & others
hosted / produced by @Tanz- & Theaterwerkstatt, Ludwigsburg
in collaboration with Lisa Thomas, Axel Brauch and the ensemble of Altentanztheater ZARTBITTER

Instead of creating a new dance theater piece in usual terms the senior dance ensemble was forced to move its' rehearsal process into the digital space. Here you can get an idea of their weekly online training and creation.
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Jukebox 3.0 | Geislingen

outreach program  by @Tanzszene Baden-Württemberg
with Pascal Sangl, Anna Kempin & Johannes Blattner

As a development of our piece "Jukebox 2.0" we invite local people to become part of the show. Through workshops and guided creative processes we help them build strong short perfromances for our final performance event, called "Jukebox 3.0 | Geislingen".
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Garden of Others

dance film by Pascal Sangl
produced by Pulie Productions, London
with Anamaria Klajnšček, Qadira Oechsle-Ali, Jarek Kruczek & Fabian Modin
20+ international screenings since 2018
honored with 2 audience awards

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Jukebox 2.0

dance piece by Pascal Sangl
produced by @Tanzszene Baden-Württemberg
with Anna Kempin & Johannes Blattner

By selecting numbers from one to six the audience determines the course of the performance. The two dancers demonstrate the variety of contemporary dance with each selected number.
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