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Pina Bausch Foundation

"The NELKEN Line"

a movement phrase about the 4 seasons

The Foundation invites the world to learn and film this iconic choreography
to create a collection as numerous, colorful and different as humanity itself.


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audience development

"Jukebox 2.0"

a production for Tanzszene Baden-Württemberg

By selecting numbers from one to six the audience determines the course of the performance. The two dancers demonstrate the variety of contemporary dance with each selected number.
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Ehingen (23.09 & 16.10) und Geislingen (14.10 & 22.11)




Retrospect: VADUZ CLASSIC 2019

"Fratres | Rhythm in Motion"

music & dance piece by Max Näscher & Robina Steyer

Premiered in August 2019 in Liechtenstein
Even in retrospect I'm happy to share the teaser of a show I keep in great memory.
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"Garden of Others"

a dance short film by Pascal Sangl

Screened over twenty times internationally since 2018.


The Online Premiere + Interview followed
at livestream "Kultur in Quarantäne" in April 2018.
Watch "Garden of Others" - the full film on Youtube!

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23  Jukebox 2.0
14  Jukebox 2.0
16  Jukebox 2.0


22  Jukebox 2.0




Jukebox 2.0

dance piece by Pascal Sangl 
produced by Tanzszene Baden-Württemberg
performed by Anna Kempin & Johannes Blattner
@Franziskanerkloster, Ehingen (Donau)
NEW DATES 23.09 | 16.10 
It's free! I want to know more!
@Rätsche, Geislingen
STILL HAPPENING 14.10 | 22.11
It's free! I want to know more!