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Since 2015 I have frequently given workshops to students of all ages.


Influenced by my previous dance education I teach a variety of somatic and ongoing classes, conveying how to softly approach and come out of the floor, up to sharing tools and tasks to enhance one's stage presence. 


It has all started at Martin-Luther-Gymnasium in Rimbach, Germany, with an annual 4-day summer workshop that varied from physical activities to theatrical tasks. Aside of that I have taught classes in choreography at SVG Nieder-Liebersbach and "Substanz - Schule für modernen Tanz" in Weinheim, plus a  masterclass for dance teacher's in Heppenheim, all of these in Germany.


As a member of Chronos Dance Performance I have taught floorwork and partnering/contact improvisation together with my collegue Charlotte Mathiessen for students of Dansschool Martine in Well, The Netherlands. Together with Luis Sayago I have given a workshop for dance students of the Guangzhou Dance Academy in China.