,,Dance brought me closer to my true self.

I learned how to make my own choices

& developed a strong personality.''

That's exactly what I want to pass on.



I teach a variety of somatic and ongoing classes, conveying how to softly approach and come out of the floor. It's important for me to pass on basic body knowledge and techniques to become a grounded mover.

I value a dialogue.

I give my students the freedom to make choices in class which fosters their own choice-making and confidence outside of class. Every opinion matters!

Also, I share tools & tasks to enhance their stage presence.



   © Lei Wang | Guangzhou Dance Academy


Guangzhou Dance Academy | floorwork & improvisation


Baden-Württembergischer Rock'n Roll Verband (Böblingen) | presence training

International School of Stuttgart (Sindelfingen)  | presence training

Lebensart Einzigartig (Gerlingen) | choreography

Lessing Gymnasium (Lampertheim) | choreography & improvisation

Martin-Luther-Schule (Rimbach) | improvisation & physical theater

Neurottschule (Ketsch) | cultural education project: kids dancetheater "Mit dem Herzen sehen"

Odenwaldschule (Heppenheim) | masterclass for dance teachers

Produktionszentrum Tanz und Performance (Stuttgart) | Profitraining

Schule für Musik, Theater und Tanz (SMTT Sindelfingen) | improvisation & choreography

Substanz - Schule für modernen Tanz (Weinheim) | contemporary dance classes

SVG Nieder-Liebersbach | choreography & presence training

Tanz  & Theaterwerkstatt (Ludwigsburg) | improvisation

Theater AG Grundschule Poltringen (Ammerbuch) | choreography & presence training

The Netherlands

Amsterdam Academy for Theater and Dance | choreography & physical theater

CREA (Amsterdam) | improvisation & physical theater

Dansschool Martine (Well) | floorwork & contact improvisation